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Pre-made Quad Seal Bags | Quad Seal Pouches

For packaging that combines stylish shelf appeal with strength and staying power, Kleer Pak's Quad Seal Bags and Quad Seal Pouches feature the best of both worlds in a versatile, eco-aware product.

We produce high-quality Custom Printed and Unprinted Pre-made Quad Seal Bags and Quad Seal Pouches in a range of film structures, film thickness and configurations. Add-on features further enhance your products with consumer-friendly attractions.

Kleer Pak Quad Seal Bags and Quad Seal Pouches offer style, convenience, durability and versatility to handle your innovative packaging needs.

Quad Seal Bags

Quad Seal Bags feature seals on all four corners and also sport a fin seal on the back. which maintains the traditional look of the bag and provides five-panel space for graphic printing. This adds to shelf appeal and helps distinguish your product from the competition.

Kleer Pak can also apply seal strip tape on Quad Seal Bags and Quad Seal Pouches. No more clips and rubber bands—your product will stay fresh until the bag is empty.

Quad Seal Pouches

Quad Seal Pouches include seals on all four corners, which gives the dimension to pouch and helps maintain its shape better when filled. This type of bag holds more and is ideal for packaging heavier products. It also takes up less shelf space and is an eco-conscious choice. Quad Seal Pouches enable printing on all four sides of the pouch, which increases shelf appeal and distinguishes your product from the competition.

Our Quad Seal Bags and Quad Seal Pouches meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact and are used to package food, frozen food, candy, dry fruits, nuts, snacks, pet food, household products and consumer goods.

Let us know your product’s needs. Our packaging experts will work hand-in-hand with your team and our suppliers.

Together we can determine the best solution for your packaging needs and accentuate your brand with optimal shelf impact.

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